Your Mind – You are not your mind You are better


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Few insights can be as empowering as the insight that we are not our mind. The more we remember that we are different from this inner generator of endless and often pointless thoughts, the faster we can progress toward becoming more creative, productive and effective.

Through 64 two-page articles, each illustrated with a diagram explaining the core concept, find answers to several common (and some uncommon) questions about mind management:

  • – How do we discern the difference between mind, soul and consciousness?
  • – How can we become a better observer of our mind?
  • – When the mind doesn’t want to cooperate with us, how can we press ahead?
  • – When the mind comes up with wayward desires or wild emotions, how can we regulate it?
  • – Can yoga, meditation and prayer help us improve our relationship with our mind?


Appreciate that we are better than our mind — and accelerate the process of making our mind better, thereby making our life more meaningful, joyful and successful.

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